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Frequently Asked Questions
How long will my carpet?
The durability of a carpet is usually determined by the material, construction and intensity of activity in a given space. By carefully considering where the rug will be placed and how it is used, it is possible to anticipate its longevity.

Fade my carpet she?

In places where there is plenty of sunshine, we can expect that the carpet fades possibly depending on where it is placed. Most carpets retain their bright colors for next year under normal exposure to light.

Will we need a non-slip pad under the carpet?
We strongly encourage the use of a non-skid pad to protect the rug and the floor of any wear and to keep them in place. A quality pad can preserve the life of your carpet while providing the benefits of security and acoustics. Choose a pad that is 2 inches shorter than the mat to avoid the view and allow the carpet to lie flat on the floor.

I just received my rug. It is wrinkled. This is a problem?

It is possible that the rugs pucker seen the pressure at which the container mats are subjected during shipment. This usually disappears within two weeks when the mat is placed flat on the floor.

What to do in case of problems?

Please immediately call Customer Service dealer. His experience will help you solve the problem.

How do I clean my carpet?

We can not say it enough: "The vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!"
Area rugs are subjected to a lot of dirt, sand, dust, liquids accidents and activity. Vacuuming frequently will greatly prolong the appearance and life of your carpet.

It is suggested to clean my carpet professionally?

To preserve the beauty of your carpet, we recommend a professional cleaning every 2 or 5 years. These are not all the fibers of rugs that respond well to treatment with steam. It is possible that some rugs are cleaned by other methods professional. Always bring your rug to a professional cleaner reputation. Commercial carpet cleaners use specialized equipment to remove dirt and dust from the frame and a mat to dry completely to prevent odors and mold.
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