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Presentation From Moroccan Rugs
In Morocco, there are two races of different but highly homogeneous population and live in harmony for decades. The Berbers are the original inhabitants of Morocco are 60% of the population. Then the Arabs came from Andalusia, from the east and other Arab communities in the world, are the rest of the Moroccan population. In terms of demographics, a large part of Moroccan Berbers live in the countryside and across the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The Berbers have quickly adapted to the difficulties of life in the mountains and are concerned Handicraft first handled by competent and bosseuses Berber women. These women, according to the customs Berbers, can only work in their homes alongside their children. The man in him, agriculture land and watches over the cattle were his daily tasks. Among these professions exercised by women, the manufacture of carpets. Berber carpet is woven or knotted. The knotted rug is made from the accumulation of a multitude of nodes on the vertical frames hung by the business (traditional machine wood). The woven carpet or kilim called, is mounted by a weaving horizontal and vertical clamping of the frame and by the back and come among horizontal raster lines. Berber women, who are the leaders of maneuvering Moroccan carpet, spend weeks and sometimes months to get a carpet. This time is justified by other domestic and family tasks assumed by Berber women. It was only after a long day of work, raising children, preparing food and then complete the household, the Berber women go to their looms in one of the narrow rooms of their homes to build or making carpets. In general, the average time weaving or knotting is two hours per day for every woman. In Morocco, the types and kinds of carpet designs vary by region. The High Atlas, 150 km away from Ouarzazate region Taznakht, there are many more knotted carpets in pure wool sheep in a multitude of natural colors. The red comes from hatred, yellow flower of the saffron, white and brown are natural colors of sheep. In this same region Taznakht, there can be distinguished mats that do not resemble the one to the other. And because this region contains several tributes as "Ouagharda Ait" and "Abdallah Ait", each of them has its specific designs. However, with experience, you can just see the carpet is to know where it comes from. By Atlas in the region Khenifra, there are more united knotting carpets wool. The red color is dominant because it generates heat. Carpets of this region are very thick and heavy. The weather conditions in winter pushed the Middle Atlas Berber women make carpets that warm the home. In other regions of Morocco, as in Khemissate, Tiffelt Zemmour and have found most manufacturing woven and embroidered Kilim. The Kilim Tiffelt of the most famous in Morocco saw his fine geometric designs and color indigo. We recall in this regard that the comparison between two knotted rugs are distinguished by the number of knots per square meter that contains the table. Kilim is in the fine drawing and tightening quality that matters. The carpet Arabic, also known as the Royal Moroccan carpets, mainly occurs in two major cities of the kingdom: the capital Rabat and Fez (scientific capital of the country). This carpet is a very special quality of knotting. A royal carpet may contain 200,000 to 450,000 knots per square meter. We are two qualities certified by the government: the superior quality with a blue stamp on the back of the mat and the extra top quality with a red seal. The grounds contain these rugs are different from those of the Berbers. It's more oriental designs or motifs containing Andalusian fleuraux (tree of life) and Islamic motifs as the Mihrab. It is in this context that Morocco, there are many more choices in the Berber carpet in Arabic.
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