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Maintenance Tips
The following tips will help you enjoy your carpet longer.
Here are some precautions for all maintenance procedures:
Try using the materials before using them across the carpet.
Always read the manufacturer's instructions before you begin.
Place aluminum foil, wax paper or plastic wrap under furniture legs are until the carpet is dry to prevent stains, p. x. rust.
Do not wet the carpet too. This can cause shrinking, aches or mold.
Clean up spills immediately. Prompt action is important to prevent liquids penetrate the fibers and to leave a trace.

We recommend vacuuming once a week to keep soil este fixed, causing accelerated wear. The last pass with the vacuum cleaner should be in the direction of the fibers.
Well if you treat your carpet, it will not need to be washed before a year or more. When he appears less clean, you can wear it in a laundry or wash yourself with a product of high quality cleaning.

Liquid soap
This method is suitable for mid-dirty carpet (or even most) and restores its bright colors while straightening hair.
Use a shampoo especially neutral, does not smell of ammonia. Never use household detergents or soaps of alkali. Wash with a shampoo that is as transparent powder when it dries, not a sticky residue.
If you use a soap machine, follow the instructions carefully. If possible, remove the furniture in the room and vacuum thoroughly before you begin. Let dry overnight before vacuuming and ironing
put the furniture in place. Do not leave wet carpet to prevent it crashed. A disadvantage of this method is that the soap that accumulates over time can stain the fabric before.

Absorbent powder
First, vacuum the carpet and sprinkle generously. Then rub to get the product into the fibers. Finally, vacuum again. Do not completely remove the powder.
The main advantage of this method is that the carpet does not stay wet, which deforms less fiber and simultaneously allows the room to be available before.

Aerosol foam
To clean a superficial small areas, spray foams are very convenient, they dry quickly and do not need special equipment. First test assess whether the soap leaves a sticky residue that could attract dust.
After that, spray a thin layer of foam on the carpet, gently wipe with a damp sponge, let it dry and then vacuum. Work on a small area each time because if the foam dry before he could rub the sponge, it could leave a stain.

Injection and hot water extraction
This method, sometimes incorrectly called "steam cleaning", is excellent for cleaning carpets that are moderately or very dirty.
Using a machine, a solution of hot water and detergent is sprayed at high pressure on the mat. Just after the machine sucks the solution.
It is possible to rent these machines, but we recommend that you bring the rug to a professional as it is easy to over-wet the carpet and damage.

Professional Cleaning
It is ideal as any dirt is effectively removed with less risk for your carpet.
Come and choose from a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes and find the carpet that suits you best!
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