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Al Matjar is a magnificent building founded by an Italian architect in 1941. It’s the fruit of much rigor and delicacy.
The first owner was Haj Med Belabess Bennani, a merchant in wholesale of all kinds of fabrics; and an important supplier of southern Morroco at that time.

Al Matjar has become since then, the first business premise built in “Souk Semmarine” which at the beginning of the 40's of the previous century had one vocation which is to implement arbitration between the different coaches and their accessories.

The choice of this place is a measured one, in the sense that it represents one of the most frequented and commercial zones of Morocco.
We should also highlight the fact that «Souk Semmarine» has undergone violent fire that destroyed the said premise and led to much damage. Only two shops survived the fire including Al Matjar, thanks to god.

M. Bennani oriented afterwards his investment towards textile industry in Casablanca and became one of the biggest Moroccan businessmen. Subsequently it is the Benchekroun family that took over the fabric business.

Al Matjar travelled in time in order to settle in the end in the hands of Mr CHABI and Mr BENTAHAR. The lucky owners of this historical construction have the pleasure to display a set of carpets, and plenty of other craft products and handwork.

We cannot end up without inviting you to enjoy the beauty of Al Matjar by visiting it, and discovering by yourself the tasty melting of colors and materials of the displayed products.

Come and choose from a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes and find the carpet that suits you best!
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