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How to choose a rug ?
The choice will obviously depend on the size of the dwelling. You must not abuse it if you live in an apartment. The texture of your carpet will be lighter in order not to overburden a small room. Choose round or long rectangles to enlarge the rooms.

If you live in a house, the possibilities are endless. A beautiful wool rug will be perfect in your room. Prefer natural fibers. Wool, silk or bamboo mats provide durable, soft texture and pleasant. Of course, the carpet fibers are less expensive. But the result is not the same.

The choice depends on your style carpet, your furniture and the room where it will be. The mat should be highlighted. Hidden by the foot of a huge buffet, there will be no interest.

Your lifestyle
To ensure the longevity of a carpet, make sure it is suitable for your lifestyle. Do you have young children or pets? Move to the mat in a place such intense activity at the entrance or in the family room? If this is the case, you will want to choose a carpet durable and easy to clean. A dark mat pattern help hide stains or dirt in places intense activity.

Your personal style
Decorating with rugs is a great way to add personality and instant comfort and style to your room. Look at the design and color combination that you have chosen for the room to ensure that the chosen carpet complements the decor. To unify the look of a room, you will want to choose a rug that goes well with the color of the paint, furniture and accessories already in place in the room.

Use these rules and general design ideas when looking for a new carpet:

Walls and neutral furniture allows a carpet of bright color to the show.
If the focus of your furniture such as a sofa, is a solid color, consider buying a patterned carpet.
Or, if the main element of your furniture has many colors and pattern, choose a neutral color carpet to help coordinate the look of the entire room.
Consider coordinating the color of your carpet with your cushions, draperies, wall color and other accents in the room.
Place a rug under your bed is a good way to increase the warmth and comfort of a room and you do not put your feet on a cold floor in the morning.
Do not stop with a single mat as multiple use area rugs in a large room facilitates the definition of different spaces.
For fans of the art, multiply carpet layers allows the overlay of colors and textures.
When you decorate with a rug, it is not necessary to cover the entire floor. Leave open spaces to see the floor which will help to define a space.
There are all sorts of geometric shapes and sizes of rugs. Consider the size of the place where you would like to place a rug.
Come and choose from a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes and find the carpet that suits you best!
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